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Spirit-Given Answers to Modern-Day Problems

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Welcome to our Q&A and general resource directory!

Over the years, The Holy Spirit has spoken through David Hoffmeister and has answered many questions about how to experience lasting happiness; questions concerning how to release everyday stress, anxiety and fear. This directory has been organized in such a way as to make finding answers to specific questions as easy as possible!

Included in this directory you will find hundreds of writings, audios, and videos (indicated by the symbols Written, Audio, and Video, respectively), all of which have been categorized into topics and sub-topics, as well as labeled with tags (descriptive keywords or terms). If you’d like to search this directory for helpful Q&A’s and/or general resources related to specific topics or questions that you may have, there are four ways you may do so:

Option 1
First, you may use our General Search tool, and type into the search box any key words related to your question or topic of interest. This will produce a list of all the Q&A’s and/or general resources in this directory most relevant to your search query, which you may then choose from to go into.

Option 2
Secondly, if you‘d like to search by topic, you may click on any of these six main topics which are also listed in the left-hand menu: Metaphysics; Mind Training; Common Experiences, Emotions, and Blocks; Relationships; Body, Sickness, Health; and Money, Career, Identity. Clicking on any of these main topics will take you to a list of sub-topics, allowing you to hone in on your specific area of interest.

Option 3
Thirdly, you may scroll through the Tag Index, which is simply an alphabetical list of the tags which have been assigned to each Q&A and resource. This can be very helpful as a means of scrolling directly to the specific keyword(s) that you’re most interested in, or for simply scrolling through casually and noticing which keywords seem to “jump out” at you!

Option 4
Finally, you may click on All Questions to view a complete list of all the Q&A’s and resources, in numeric order.

We hope that using this Q&A and Resource Directory will be helpful to you in your search for truth-inspired answers to the questions that arise along your spiritual journey! Happy learning (or unlearning) and lots of Love to you!

Editor's Note
This Q&A directory will be added to over time as more "gold nuggets" from the online materials are "discovered" by those of us who are inspired to contribute to this resource! As many of you know, David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles Center have a HUGE amount of online teaching materials available freely. If you find any Q&As or general resources that you feel inspired to add to this directory, please feel free to email the info and/or the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you find any broken links, etc., within this Q&A directory, please feel free to email us about that too.

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