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A discussion about needs
A new interpretation part 1 - Metaphors of the Course and the Bible
A new interpretation part 2 - Touching on form and content
A new interpretation part 3 - More form and content; responsibility for sight
A new interpretation part 4 - Talking about the script and linear time
A new interpretation part 5 - More metaphysics and opening up to discernment
An ACIM gathering; sharing some basic Course ideas
An introduction to purpose; a new interpretation
Approaching the idea of forgiveness
Are these my thoughts?
Beyond the body
Beyond the subject/object split
Body, life, death, mind
Bring it on
Cause is in my mind; a dialogue on interpretation
Concern for the Body
Correcting perception part 1 - A gentle introduction
Correcting perception part 2 - Applying lessons 1 - 14
Defining ego
Defining perception
Defining sickness as ordering of thought part 1
Defining sickness as ordering of thought part 2
Delving into form and content
Exploring the idea of purpose
Exploring the topic of death
Forward and backward thinking part 1 - Thought; the level of correction
Forward and backward thinking part 2 - The function of forgiveness is your purpose
Forward and backward thinking part 3 - Taking a closer look at forgiveness and healing
Freedom is of the mind, not the body
Going beyond the obvious part 1 - Wanting the experience
Going beyond the obvious part 2 - Seeing the problem as it is
Going deep with some early lessons
Going through the workbook lessons
How are healing and atonement related?
How did the mind make the ego?
Introduction to form and content; loss, gain and equality
Introduction to thought, emotion and perception
Learning the art of mindwatching
Level confusion and sickness
Living in Community - demands vs. requests
Living in Community - looking at wants and preferences
Living in Community - pointing out inattentiveness
Looking to the cause rather than effects
Many forms, one correction; an introduction to form / content
Memory vs. present interpretation
More on specialness
On ambition and specialization
On pleasure and pain
One Universal Goal
Opening to the dreamer of the dream perspective
Preferences as ordering of thought
Preliminary questions on memory, creation and consciousness
Putting the ideas into practice (a Q&A session)
Questioning the reality of debt and reciprocity
Relationships; lack, completion and ownership
Review of lessons 1 - 7
Seeing the problem where it is
Self Concept vs Self
Stillness; readings on going beyond the words
The ego trap of familiarity
The Holy Encounter
The impossible question and other preliminary issues
The initial effort of mind watching
The mind has forgotten it is mind
The ordering of thought; looking at preferences
The purpose of special relationships
The secret dream
The world has no real cause
This instant is the endpoint; clarity is now
Time, Space, and Personhood
Touching on manifesting and prayer
Touching on teaching and learning
Two premises of sickness
Upsets; values & beliefs
Using the Instrument for Peace
What about prayer and God's will?
What are private thoughts?
What I believe, I perceive
What is the world?
What it means to decide for the light
What makes a relationship special
What you extend you are
Where is life?
Who wrote the Course?
Why specialness was made
Withdrawing the mind from the world - part 1
Withdrawing the mind from the world - part 2
Withdrawing the mind from the world - part 3
You respond to what you perceive

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