The Miracle of Forgiveness

Enlightenment is the Falling Away of the Idea of a Separate Self

Following the Mystical Teachings of Jesus, our approach focuses on the Guidance of the Spirit, which acts as an inner compass allowing the form of the path to be given moment by moment. This is a practical, direct, and single-pointed approach, like ACIM, where absolutely everything in our daily lives is used for one Purpose: to come to the experience of true freedom. The Spirit meets us where we believe we are, unwinding and taking us deeper and deeper into an expansion of the mind to the awareness that there is no separate self. Stepping stones were Given to gently bring us along the path into the Present moment, where the idea of a path disappears in the release of all concepts and the recognition that there was never anything wrong (and no path to walk on!)

Resting in the Present Moment

The Present moment is an experience of completeness, in which nothing is perceived as lacking, and the idea of time disappears. The concerns and worries of the world fall away and Love is all that remains.

The Present moment

Truth is within the mind


Only One Solution

It seems as if there are many problems in this world, all requiring a separate solution, but actually there is only one seeming problem, the idea that separation is real. The world has been used to cover over the Truth and distract the mind from looking within. The Solution will never be found at the level of the problem, and so we need to question everything we think we know and everything we think we are in order to come to the realization of our True Nature. The One Solution, mentioned in ACIM, is the transcendence of the idea that there could ever be a problem.

Truth is Within You

The days of seeking outside ourselves are over; this was merely a distraction! The Truth is within you. The only thing we have to do is open ourselves up to receive what's already been Given. There's nowhere to go and nothing to reach for because it's already Here, and nothing outside ourselves can give us what has already been Given. The Truth of Who We Are reveals itself to us when we desire nothing else and rest in the Presence of God as our only focus.

Following Intuition is Peace of Mind

Following intuition is living in the flow; dancing a perfect dance. Intuition is a Present moment experience; it is a listening and following without any future goal. Although following Guidance is about Present Joining, beyond form, it is also very practical. We are Given what to say, where to go, what to do, etc. This Voice or this Feeling is our Inner Wisdom, our True Self, that Guides us to the realization that we ARE the Guidance.

Enlightenment is Right Here, Right Now

No matter how improved or inflated the limited self seems to be, it will never be the changeless, eternal Self that God created. It is necessary to recognize the trap of thinking that happiness, peace of mind, and salvation are somewhere off in the future, so that you can see that every moment is the opportunity. The linear (past/future) concept of time is part of the dualistic belief system that must be questioned. There is great joy and contentment in the experience of NOW. God isn’t holding out on us or dangling a carrot of eternal peace before us, saying, "Here’s Enlightenment, keep reaching… OOPS, you missed again." Enlightenment is right here, right now.

Heaven is Now

"The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" means it is Now. Now is the gateway to the Eternal, for time and Eternity cannot both exist. All is One with God, and we are grateful for the Beloved Eternity which is Real and True. Now is the time of Salvation!

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