Do You Feel a Spark in Your Heart for David Hoffmeister and/or Living Miracles Teachers to Visit Your Area? Here's How!

David and Living Miracles teachers joyfully accept invitations from around the world to share their hearts and devotion to living a Spirit-led life.

What Does It Mean to Host?

To invite David and/or Living Miracles teachers to stay with you and/or organize an event is a wonderful opportunity for healing and serving a high purpose together. Hosting is fun and is a great way for you to connect with others in your community who desire peace of mind and healing. Here are some initial notes to help you get started:


David and LM teachers are happy to stay in private homes when there is a spare room available in a quiet house near the event venue. Otherwise, a reasonable hotel close to the event venue, with transportation to and from the event, will suit. As well as the joyful encounters, they deeply appreciate prayer time between events when traveling.


All expenses for airfares, transport/transfers, meals, and accommodations, as well as a teaching donation, are to be covered by the host/team and the event itself. We like to keep expenses to a minimum to ensure there is a teaching donation, and so we rely on volunteer support for translating, tech support etc., except in rare instances.

Gathering/Retreat Venue

We are available to help source an appropriate venue for an event if needed. Private homes work well for smaller groups; other possibilities include local libraries, churches, and bookstores.

If you feel the inspiration to host or organize an event—by yourself or with your fellow Course group members—ask our Travel Bot all your questions below! Once you’ve asked all your questions, it will then give you a way to write to us directly with some details about the event you'd like to host.

Much love and gratitude to you!
The Touring Team


Ask Our Travel Bot!

Before writing to us directly, please ask all your questions of our AI chatbot called Travel Bot, designed to assist as a customer support agent for Living Miracles. We’ve trained our Travel Bot to answer most relevant questions. However, it can still make mistakes, so please keep that in mind.

Your use of this chatbot constitutes consent with the guidelines of our Privacy Policy.




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