Gatherings in Sweden and Belgium


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 Healing in Mind COVER1

This year we transformed the original online version of Healing in Mind into a hard-copy book. The experience was pure synergy. Everything we needed showed up, including discovering that our friend Pam, is a professional proof-reader/editor. She jumped right in, and gave us these amazing Microsoft Word tips that saved loads of time. Sarah donated one of her amazing paintings for the cover, and Claire recently came back in contact with us and volunteered to work her text and design magic with it. The end result of our joyful collaboration is a beautiful book of such great writings–we’re just thrilled! It has been such a joy to work on this together.




David and Carolina Corada on a TV interview in Spain


David is giving a gathering together with Jenny, and Sylvain,
who is translating, in Toulon, France


Fabienne and David on a walk by the shore in Southern France


Everyone gathered on the deck on the retreat at the Swedish Peace House.

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Jenny is spending time with Mira and Pelle in Värmland, Sweden, restoring a
small hermitage house and working on Living Miracles Europe Publications.

The Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace came together for gatherings and deep sharing.


The Answer

The Answer is released - a small book with profound sayings by David and watercolor paintings by Jenny.


Quantum Awakening

David's latest DVD, Quantum Awakening, was filmed during the Devotional in Mallorca. In the spirit of extending the inspiring implications of modern quantum physics, Lisa has recently created a Facebook page named Quantum Awakening where she has collected many powerful videos that dive deeply into "the quantum field! (Click on the first link and it takes you to the webshop, click on the second link and it takes you to the YouTube).

Devotional Retreat in Mallorca...
















MMT Banner
The Mystical Mind Training program

(MMT) is an advanced multimedia mind-training program for those desiring to undo the ego completely. The entire program is on the internet and makes use of Living Miracles resources, A Course in Miracles, and cutting edge technology to provide an enormous amount of songs, music videos, movie clips, as well as audio and video dialogues and discourses taken directly from retreats and gatherings around the world. Each participant is assigned to a mentor, and has opportunities to connect with one or more mind-training partners who are dedicated to this process. Multimedia, writings, assignments, and forums for discussion are woven together in a curriculum designed to heighten metaphysical understanding and transfer the training to everything that has been believed, without exception. To find out more information about the program and to view a introductory "MMT Welcome Film", please visit the following links:

Program Brochure | Welcome Film | Introduction Experience | Signup Information

Mystical Mind Training Program

 The Messengers of Peace are spreading their Wings...

Kirsten and Jackie
Kirsten and Jackie meet in Ireland and prepare for their tour with a Joy dance!

Jenny and Lisa

Jenny and Lisa shares gatherings in Sweden in the spring.

Parenting and Spirituality DVD
Parenting and Spirituality

This new DVD was filmed during a workshop in Sweden on the topic "Parenting and Spirituality".
David discusses violent movies and games, how to handle competition, how to talk with children
about God, equality, fear, and how to deal with emotions. Jenny is translating parts of the talk
to Swedish. To order, click here.

Awakening Through A Course In Miracles
Awakening Through A Course In Miracles

Beloved One,
We welcome you to read Awakening Through A Course In Miracles.
This book clarifies the essential wisdom of A Course In Miracles in a progressive way,
from the basic to the most advanced teachings. It brings true peace and joy,
and it focuses on practical application. The book is a compilation of many of David's
teachings put together by our friend Andrew LeCompte. This book shows you how to:

* Forgive all your relationships
* Experience unshakable inner peace
* Overcome pain, loneliness, and death
* Find real strength and love of God
* Awaken now!

To order, click here.

Four weeks of Devotion in Mallorca

Four weeks of devotion. It was a time of deep joining, discussion, and quiet times of prayer
as well as some joyful moments and swimming in the sea!

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kerridavid outdoorsession

 outdoor_session Bilde164


 This year books and DVDs are getting published in



La_mente_Revisada    Una_Sola_Mente


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and Swedish

Go to Resources to read more and to place your order!

March has been an exciting month at the Monastery, filled with lots of activity. We started off with a
two-week devotional with 14 participants from Australia, Canada, and the US. Participants were given
the space and support to go inward, feel into their inspiration, and find and nurture the spark of the
heart’s deep calling.

March has also been a month of joyful celebration! We have both a new licensed minister and a new
Messenger of Peace. During the devotional, we held a joyful and reverent licensing ceremony in the
chapel for Jane Marie McGrady as she became a licensed minister. She is the first participant to have
completed the Mystical Mind Training Program. On the same day, Jason Press became a Messenger
of Peace. For his first church service as a Messenger, he treated the congregation to a musical feast!
Jason started the service by playing his saxophone with no preparation, no planning. It was a wonderful
demonstration of stepping into fear to experience the joy of discovering the unreality of the fear. And
such beautiful music!

The new periphery house, Master Peace, high up on the ridge of the canyon, has been a wonderful
backdrop for joining. We’ve joined together in cleaning, painting, and general fix-up to prepare this new
home. A 10-day devotional will be held at Master Peace from April 13-22.

David spent a couple of weeks at the Kalani Retreat Center in Hawaii this month. In April, he is off to Las
Vegas for a gathering.