Mind Training Community in Europe
Living Miracles Europe invites you to experience living in community. Stays from between one week to six months are available and include the opportunity to learn to practice the teaching of A Course in Miracles in a practical and non-compromising way. The Community offers a great opportunity to use projects such as video production, music, building and maintenance / gardening as a backdrop to train the mind to "step back and let Him lead the way." Experience the miracles that come from joining together in collaborative ways that serve the whole. We offer the opportunity to be guided in a gentle helpful way to expose ego thoughts and learn to listen to Holy Spirit together. This is an opportunity to live a life of devotion and focus. We use the relationships to look at projections, expose them and experience the healing grace of the Holy Spirit together.

Welcome to Mind Training
This is a summary of our standard daily routine:

8.30 am – Meeting in the gathering room for the Miracle Moment guiding thought of the day and meditation. Share any inspiration or whatever is in awareness, or anything that seems to be blocking the Holy Spirit's flow. A brief discussion about the logistics and projects for the day for each participant follows.

9 am – Prepare your own breakfast. Get started on the tasks for the day.

11.30 am – Second meditation of the day

12 pm – Further task time

1 pm – Lunch and Expression Session. We have a daily schedule of who is to prepare lunch for the community. We have Expression Sessions so that any thoughts that are coming up may be shared. These sessions are a time for opening up honestly in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. The purpose of the session is to end in Joy!

2 - 4.30 pm – Continue with projects / Quiet devotional time

5 pm – Third meditation of the day

6 pm approx. – Dinner is available in the kitchen. You are responsible for preparing your own evening meals. Some evenings may have community meals.

7 pm - Mind Training sessions with inspirational content are held in the gathering room several times a week. These sessions are facilitated by a licensed minister of Living Miracles Church, the steward or someone appointed by the steward. These may be based on the on-line program called Mystical Mind Training. When MMT is not in session we offer a metaphysical movie which may represent the healing theme or inspirational feeling of the day.

Sundays are our Joy Expression days that offer opportunities for the Spirit to flow through, to extend and to simply join and be in communion with each other. Sing, Dance, Express and be in Love! This day may also be used for inner contemplation and rest.



More Information about the Experience
Mind Training at our community is done in a space with no distractions. This allows for upsetting thoughts, emotions and false beliefs to come to the surface to be looked at and corrected. Our relationships and projects serve this primary purpose. The practice of training the mind is to be in the miracle and to make the decision to join the Truth. Our primary goal is seeing the value of the miracle and value of peace of mind in place of the ego thoughts. There are many opportunities to discuss and practice the way that A Course In Miracles uses relationships. A safe and healing environment is the backdrop for all projects and daily practices.

What It Is, and What It Isn't
It's not an ashram or place where you spend all day sitting in meditation. It's not a hangout, or a place to chit-chat or gossip. It is not a social get-together, or a vacation. It is not about compromising or people-pleasing. It's not a place to teach, or a hide-out from your life, or a place to walk away from anything.

It is an ongoing living devotional, a place to be completely authentic, to drop the mask, and a place to fully experience your Christhood and your inheritance. It's a place to be completely honest, a place to learn to trust and feel safe. It's a place to question all opinions and assumptions and a place to be humble. It's a place to expose your thoughts while your brothers hold the Truth for you. It is a place to practice true empathy, no people-pleasing, learning to be truly helpful, to listen and follow, to collaborate, to express and extend, to break through barriers to shining your light. It's a place to be in communion, to communicate, to learn communication, to learn how to love, to see what is valuable and what is valueless, to open to true intimacy, and to practice real relationships.

This is a mind training experience. We are committed together to the miracle and to Love.

Love & Blessings,


Application form
So, if you're interested and want to apply for a mind training opportunity in Alozaina, Spain, please use this link for the application form:

Someone from the community will be in contact with you as part of the pre-application process.
Steps to volunteering may be highly individualized, including a preliminary shorter (weekend) visit before a 30 day or longer commitment is made.