We welcome you to the Living Miracles Monastery (LMM) and thank you for your willingness to come and join with us in healing our minds. The monastery offers a context for training the mind to hear and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We use our time together to learn how to truly communicate with each other. As we join together and develop trust in one another, we naturally lay down our “masks”and expose our hidden beliefs. This allows the Holy Spirit to heal our minds, and lead us to the awareness of Truth. At LMM we are learning to hear the One Voice together.

Please read about the Clarity Process for a detailed description of how to apply these ideas in purposeful communication.


Joined in Purpose

Joined in Purpose


Before the visit
All visits should be prearranged with Lisa, who is the LMM Visitor Coordinator. Each visitor and each visit must be prearranged. In the spirit of limiting distractions, please communicate in advance to friends and family your intention to be on spiritual retreat and the duration of your stay.

What to bring
Bring all essential toiletries (shampoo, soap, shaving cream, razors). Bring your own towel. Sunhat, insect repellent and sunscreen may be useful items. Bed linens are provided. Please bring casual, comfortable clothing. Laundry facilities are generally not available for visitors coming for a week or less, therefore bring adequate clothing. Limit luggage to one carry-on size bag.

Food donations are welcome. Please communicate about any food donations in advance with the LMM Visitor Coordinator. Refrigerator space is finite.

What not to bring
Please leave your pets at home. Please leave any distracting items (for example, newspapers and magazines) at home. No illegal drugs are permitted on the property.



Devotion to God

Devotion to God


During the visit

The sole purpose of our coming together is to heal the mind. Projects and tasks play an important role in the healing process. The projects and tasks offer us an opportunity to focus our mind, and provide a backdrop for mind training. There are a variety of projects and tasks available. Please check with Lisa if you feel inspired to participate. The projects and tasks are completely voluntary and offer us an opportunity to extend Love through service.

Please feel free to take some time here to relax and enjoy the experience of quiet time. It is a blessing to use this time to go within. Quiet time is encouraged. We are living in community; please be attentive to other guests and their need for quiet.

General requests

  • Please be willing to look at all areas of your mind
  • The atmosphere here is quiet and devotional; please be mindful of purposeless chatter.
  • Please be mindful and considerate with use of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, MP3 players, etc.
  • Please be willing to look at and relax your personal preferences around food, sleeping quarters, community bathrooms, etc.
  • Please be attentive to keeping your bedroom area neat. You are probably going to be sharing a bedroom space
  • Bathrooms/showers are a shared area. Please be attentive to cleaning up after use. Please also be mindful of sharing the limited space for toiletries, towels etc. in the bathroom/shower area
  • You are responsible for all items you bring here, please be attentive to taking them with you when you leave
  • Our food is generally shared. Please feel free to help yourself to anything that is available in our community kitchen. If you have any food preferences, you will have to make provisions for them. Our preparation of meals is very spontaneous. If you feel guided to cook a meal for the group, by all means do so; we will be grateful for it. Usually someone volunteers to cook for the group. If no one does, however, feel free to prepare yourself something to eat. Please clean up after yourself after using the community kitchen

As for the rest
Lisa is the monastery Abbess. If you have any questions, need information about projects, or have any other needs, just let her know. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +1 435-548-2479.

We are very grateful that you are here, and we are certain that the Holy Spirit has brought you here for our own healing and to maintain our only real Relationship with Him.

Thank you!