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All around the world people are translating, transcribing and editing Living Miracles Teachings. The projects are for the purpose of training the mind to align and think with the Holy Spirit. They are very helpful as a means to get clear on the metaphysics and come to an experience of right mindedness. They are also used as a backdrop for joining and collaboration with others and to practice following guidance.


You don't need to be a professional translator, transcriber or editor, only willing, and if you have skills that can be used that's but a helpful bonus!


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Welcome to our Community page! In Europe as in the rest of the world people are getting ready to make major changes in their way of living as a reflection of the call to deepen in the mind training in new ways of joining with Mighty Companions. The call to join is growing strong and we feel that new ways are opening up. There is no longer a need for ones own little space and silver ware.. :) The time has come for sharing in truth!

Enjoy the letter from our friend Carla below. She is feeling the call to come to Europe and take the first steps in setting up a community. If you want to know more and feel the call to help out or take part in this project join the Living Miracles Spanish Community Group:




Hello everyone!

It was so good to hear such enthusiasm about a community center in Spain.  It seems that many people have the call to gather, connect, and have community and it feels right that a place be available in Spain for that.  This seed that has begun to sprout resonates and has awoken a call in the heart.  Many of us are hearing it. Wow!


We talked briefly about how it would be good to share our vision, ideas, thoughts.  I would like to get an idea of where all of you see yourself (knowing that that can change) in this project.  I see this as a community effort and so it is normal that there would many levels of interest and abilities to contribute and that each effort however seemingly great or small is an important and valuable piece of the whole.  There will be many ways to "help" make this community, and we will have more of an idea of what is needed as we move forward.

I can share what my vision has been so far.....  but I do want to express that the most important part of this project to me is that it be for Purpose and that it be guided by Holy Spirit - otherwise it is just another "goal" in the dream world.

When the seed was planted for me on Gran Canaria with Susana (and like for many, i think it had been a hidden and not entirely formulated seed for a long time) my vision was to purchase a finca or cortijo (as they call it in the south) somewhere in rural southern Spain and near the sea.  I saw a large house with land with maybe other buildings on the land that were there already or that could be built.  I pictured something old that could be fixed up.  It would be a place that would start small and grow as needed - A place where spiritually like minded people could live long term in community, as a place where people could come to retreat for Purpose, and as a place where we could hold devotionals, gatherings, or reunions on a yearly or regular basis.  I also saw a place for meditation  and  a place for creative pursuit - painting or music..... A place to live without compromise and to support that in each other.  I saw the place as being in association with David and the messengers and Living Miracles community.  I saw it as simple.

Again, I want it to be directed entirely by Holy Spirit and so all or some of the above may shift, change, grow etc. as people see where and how they are guided.

The "community center" will be made by a community of people with vision..... we would love for all of you to share what that is for you.....

Susana and I and I think Angelica too, were planning to meet in Spain in March to look for property.  Perhaps something will come up before then.  We all feel that it will, again, be guided and given by holy spirit and thus a miracle.


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