Devotion to God

What does it mean to give your life over to God?
We are all messengers for God, but only those with the ears to hear will answer the Call and will let their lives become a demonstration of God's love. Every moment and every decision is given to us by the Spirit as our sole desire is to know ourselves as God knows us and be the perfection that we never cease to be. Our path is one of giving and being in service to the Whole.

A Life’s Calling
The core upon which this path rests is trust, and in a practical way this means joining in Guidance as Given by the Holy Spirit. Devoting your life to God is a bit like meeting your life partner or your marriage partner. Somewhere deep within you know that this is your fate, your life's Calling, and that these are the ones that the Spirit is Guiding you to join with in a very deep way.

Divine Providence
Divine Providence is total dependence and trust in God. This community is a context for learning what this means, and for living with this profound realization as a consistent experience. Divine Providence is a moment-by-moment practice, a relinquishment of one’s own ideas and a reliance upon one's Inner Strength in each moment; giving authority and power back over to God and praying constantly to be shown the way.

Modern-Day Monks
These devoted friends are like modern-day monks. They do not rely upon rituals to maintain a focus on their Purpose, and so the attention on the Spirit in every moment takes a deep devotion and extreme attentiveness. Their intention is for every decision to be Inspired. They follow the Flow, go where invited, and join together in prayer around every decision, with the purpose of releasing any sense of a "personal" perspective, in order to know the Wholeness that we are.

Plans are Given Moment by Moment
A friend who came for a two-week stay described the community's "way" as deliberate, saying that even when there was a spontaneous and joyful trip to see a movie, given with about 20 minutes notice, there was still a consistent sense of deliberateness about it, which she loved. This describes Purpose beautifully. Moment by moment the plans are Given by the Spirit, and they always bring a sense of peace or joy when truly accepted and followed.

Hearing the Same Guidance
A key aspect of this devotional community is being willing to remember and put into practice the awareness that there is only one mind, that there is no one outside of ourSelf, and that We are the dreamer of the dream. In order to come to this realization, the "elder brother" or "listen and follow" approach is used as a stepping stone to clear the mind of personal preferences and past associations. A deep trust is required in the plan of the Spirit, Given in each and every moment for the awakening of the mind, to see that every situation and every encounter serves this Purpose. This always results in awareness of truth and a living experience of gratitude.