The Messengers of Peace are spreading their Wings...

Kirsten and Jackie
Kirsten and Jackie meet in Ireland and prepare for their tour with a Joy dance!

Jenny and Lisa

Jenny and Lisa shares gatherings in Sweden in the spring.

Parenting and Spirituality DVD
Parenting and Spirituality

This new DVD was filmed during a workshop in Sweden on the topic "Parenting and Spirituality".
David discusses violent movies and games, how to handle competition, how to talk with children
about God, equality, fear, and how to deal with emotions. Jenny is translating parts of the talk
to Swedish. To order, click here.

Awakening Through A Course In Miracles
Awakening Through A Course In Miracles

Beloved One,
We welcome you to read Awakening Through A Course In Miracles.
This book clarifies the essential wisdom of A Course In Miracles in a progressive way,
from the basic to the most advanced teachings. It brings true peace and joy,
and it focuses on practical application. The book is a compilation of many of David's
teachings put together by our friend Andrew LeCompte. This book shows you how to:

* Forgive all your relationships
* Experience unshakable inner peace
* Overcome pain, loneliness, and death
* Find real strength and love of God
* Awaken now!

To order, click here.

Four weeks of Devotion in Mallorca

Four weeks of devotion. It was a time of deep joining, discussion, and quiet times of prayer
as well as some joyful moments and swimming in the sea!

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kerridavid outdoorsession

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