Healing in Mind COVER1

This year we transformed the original online version of Healing in Mind into a hard-copy book. The experience was pure synergy. Everything we needed showed up, including discovering that our friend Pam, is a professional proof-reader/editor. She jumped right in, and gave us these amazing Microsoft Word tips that saved loads of time. Sarah donated one of her amazing paintings for the cover, and Claire recently came back in contact with us and volunteered to work her text and design magic with it. The end result of our joyful collaboration is a beautiful book of such great writings–we’re just thrilled! It has been such a joy to work on this together.




David and Carolina Corada on a TV interview in Spain


David is giving a gathering together with Jenny, and Sylvain,
who is translating, in Toulon, France


Fabienne and David on a walk by the shore in Southern France


Everyone gathered on the deck on the retreat at the Swedish Peace House.

Jenny_hos_Mira_2 Mira4

jenny_stugan4_08 stugan_jag_och_Mira_011

stugan_019 stugan_jag_och_Mira_012

Jenny is spending time with Mira and Pelle in Värmland, Sweden, restoring a
small hermitage house and working on Living Miracles Europe Publications.